Mobile Payments, Mobile Marketing, Voice Services and Digital Content

We accelerate and unify processes for the ease of our clients.



Mobile Payments

We offer solutions to automate and accelerate the end user payment in just two clicks.


Mobile Marketing

We have our own platform where our customers can monetize their content.


Voice Services

We offer advanced responses to solutions 90 X (900) and 80 Y (800).


Digital Content

We offer digital content like streaming videos, over 250 HTML games and applications.



We offer a professional advice to ensure customer success.

Real World Merchants

We offer,  support for managing and conversion of your campaigns with our solutions. We work optimizing our customers’ business.


We have direct contact with operators to accelerate our customers the process of monetization of their digital content. We offer performance-based services.

Performance Marketing

We offer our customers more safer payments flows for all the digital and non-digital goods.

Digital Merchants

Wide range of payment methods with just one click. We help our customers to increase the conversion of its members.

Real-time Statistics

All our customer are able to do a diary tracing of their business operations with their own customers.

What is our differential value?

To optimize our customers’ business, we offer their own customer service and a platform with real-time statistics to measure the interactivity of users.

DV Pass Technologies

Personalized customer/operator management

Real time stats

Maximum ROI

Customer support


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