We offer more than 250 games, applications and different types of business models.



Variety of categories: viral, sports, fitness, language classes, etc.



Sports, music, healthy living content, tarot cards, cooking, humor, etc.

We offer several digital content for all tastes. Including sports, humor, kitchen … On the other hand streaming video with a variety of categories such as viral, sport, languages lessons, fitness, etc; plus more than 250 games html5 and adult content.

APPS and Games

Our goal is to offer the most interesting and useful web and mobile products. We provide games and apps that are available in more than 50 countries. They can be found in mobile app stores (App Store and Google Play) and online gaming sites.

Our catalog enables your Company to provide entertaining and useful games and applications to your target audience.

Our catalog will be tailored to your needs. Its design is conceived to deliver easily applications to a third person that wants to empower its own brand or desire to fill your app store with more applications.

Our games are divided into three categories (Platinum, gold and silver) among them are action, adventure, strategy, arcade, cards, casino, Christmas, classic, exclusive and sports games are offered among others.

An alternative to our games catalog is the possibility of creating customized-ad-hoc games for each sort of client, specialized catalogs for each of them or individual purchases of games.

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Contenidos digitales - App

Adult content

Adult content with all kinds of categories from glamor (rating 1.2) to hardcore (rating 10).

Video streaming

Videos can be downloaded or streamed. A wide range of categories are included to cover all sectors such as: viral, sports, fitness, language lessons etc.  We supply high-definition video (HD) to cover all sectors.

Other content

All kinds of content from sports, music, content healthy life, tarot cards, kitchen humor (jokes Guassap).

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