Mobile operators with lack of digital technology experience find it challenging to develop themselves within the next-generation mobile commerce environments. Therefore, Resonance Tech offers you professional advice to ensure customer success.

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Servicios - Consultoria
Servicios - Operadores móviles

We are constantly innovating and offering solutions for operators going beyond the integration of billing. We offer both our customers and the end user financial services and performance-based conversion.

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The mobile marketing and customer acquisition are the key to success for conversions of end users. We provide support for the management and performance of campaigns and convert them, with our SMS services and mobile App. Our solution optimizes the client´s business for all online services opportunities.

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Servicios - Real World Merchants
Servicios - Performance Marketing

We offer new safer payment flows for purchases and sales of tickets and goods and non-digital payment services. By using our fraud risk detection models, we offer our customers these services.

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We offer a wide range of payment methods with a single click: carrier billing, WAP and SMS. We help our clients with their digital content to increase the conversion of its members. we innovate quickly our platform and features of next generation network to enable new business models.

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Servicios - Digital Merchants
Servicios - Estadísticas en tiempo real
Real-time Statistics

All our customers access real-time statistics for a detailed and daily analysis regarding their sales operations. Within these statistics our customer will receive information about: the number of new users, charges made, active databases, ARPU…

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